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Frequently Asked Questions – Instant Eye Lift


Have a question about Park Perfection Instant Eye Lift? We’ve answered the most frequently asked questions about the product below. If you still have questions, please feel free to send our team an email at info@parkperfection.com!

When and where should I use Instant Eye Lift?

Instant Eye Lift can be used morning and night. It is meant to be used around the eyes, but can also be used on forehead lines, between the brows, on smile lines, and even on the chest area. You can use Instant Eye Lift as the first step in your skin care routine (after washing your face). It’s ok to use other skin care products and also makeup on top of it. Make sure you let Instant Eye Lift dry completely before applying any other products.

How much Instant Eye Lift should I use?

You only need a very small amount for Instant Eye Lift to work its magic. Less than half a pump for both eyes. If you’re using one of the sample packets, you only need about 1/3 to 1/2 of the packet for both eyes.

Instant Eye Lift is causing a film on my skin. What should I do?

If you are seeing any sort of film form on your skin after using Instant Eye Lift, it means you’re using too much of it! Try using a smaller amount (half a pump between both eyes) and you should see that this issue is resolved.

Will Instant Eye Lift dry out my skin?

No. Instant Eye Lift contains nourishing ingredients to hydrate the skin in the long term. While you will feel an instant tightening of the skin when applying the product, it will not dry out the skin.

Can you wear Instant Eye Lift under makeup?

Yes! Instant Eye Lift goes perfectly under makeup (or any other skin care products). Just make sure that the product is completely dry before applying anything else.

Should Instant Eye Lift be used twice per day?

Yes! Instant Eye Lift is meant to be used twice per day. Since the product works both instantly and in the long-term, you can use the product twice per day to see the instant results and to also work on improving skin over time. Because of the tightening and lifting effect of Instant Eye Lift, some customers prefer to only use the product in the morning. This is fine too and it is okay to use another eye product at night, while using Instant Eye Lift only in the morning.

Does Instant Eye Lift help with under-eye bags?

Yes! When applying Instant Eye Lift, you should see a noticeable difference in under-eye bags and puffiness.

Can men use Instant Eye Lift?
Yes! Instant Eye Lift is perfect for both men and women!
What makes Instant Eye Lift different from other products currently on the market?
Similar products that have been on the market in the past were so drying that they actually damaged skin over time. Not Instant Eye Lift. This product works on firming and lifting the eye area instantly (you’ll see the appearance of lines & puffiness improve within minutes) while also providing nutrients and high quality ingredients for skin health and hydration in the long-term.