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“It looks like I’m not alone in my sentiments, as the product carries rave reviews under its belt with users claiming it works wonders.”
“Park Perfection will have two products – its Instant Eye Lift and its Lash Enhancing Serum – sold through Nordstrom.com and available at that retailer’s spas.”
“Park Perfection’s Instant Eye Lift has earned a permanent spot in my skincare routine, and believe me, you’ll want to add it to yours, too.”
“From puffy under eyes to fine lines, this dermatologist-developed eye cream has you covered. (Pro tip: a little goes a long way!).”
“It actually feels really good, like the most gentle corset of pair of Spanx holding my eye bags in.”
“Park Perfection lifts skin and boosts elasticity around the eyes while nourishing with essential minerals, peptides, and antioxidants to deliver immediate and long-lasting results.”
“Best Immediate Results: Park Perfection Instant Eye Lift.”
“Demand is high for the Park Perfection eye cream which promises to minimize puffiness, lines, and wrinkles instantly.”
“I’m not ready to part with my precious eye creams just yet, and below I’m sharing all of my favorites.”
“Tackle two eye-area concerns at once with this lifting formula, which handles puffiness with sodium silicate but also helps quash dark circles over time thanks to retinyl palmitate, peptides, and antioxidants.”
“The Park Perfection 2-in-1 Instant Eye Lift is perfect for helping to mask dark circles immediately and nourish the area in the long term.”
“I can assure you that it works. You absolutely must try this product if you have any concerns with your eyes.”
“David & Michele spoke with @park_perfection CEO about their incredible eye lifting product! – @Hollywoodbeautyawards”
“Park Perfection Instant Eye Lift. I’m just amazed! – @french_reporter”
“This product works instantly to eliminate fine lines and wrnkles and puffiness around the eye area.”
“2-in-1 instant Eye Lift helps make your eyes look younger and fresher. It is affordable and most importantly, gives the best, quickest results!”
“We focused on creating a formula that had that great instant effect, but actually improved the skin over time as well.”